Which antenna is better - TW2710 or TW2920?


I would like to know as to which antenna is better - TW2710 or [TW2920] (http://www.tallysman.com/index.php/gnss/products/antennas-gpsbeidougalileoglonass/tw2920/)

For use with the Tiny RTK

TW2910 has 4dB more of amplification, but TW2710 has better out of band rejection, so difficult to tell.

Does the TW3740 come with a cable,
if yes, how long ?

I am using TW3740 as base and TW2920 on rover
Any requirements on the ground plane ?

TW3740 has a 20 cm cable.
Tallysman recommend a 10 cm ground plane under the antenna. It is better to have it if possible.

I bough the TW3740 (panel mount) and purchased a 5m cable separately
I believe there’s a specific way to shorten the wire.

You can cut the wire where you want, then make sure to strip the cable correctly in order to plug the connector back.