Which firmware version is shipping with the M8T XL?

Is it possible to obtain the M8T XL / magnetometer board with v3.01 firmware–M8T product rev 1.10? (That is to say, with the official M8T 3.01 firmware, not the unsupported M8N 3.01 firmware.)

In case anyone is curious, my device arrived with version 2.4 firmware. Galileo support commences with version 3.01. Despite the warning on the u-blox website, you may flash the v3.01 M8N firmware to add Galileo support. RAW data output is still supported in the new configuration. A u-blox engineer endorsed this option on their forums. The timing functions of the chip are disabled with the M8N firmware but that doesn’t matter because the pins aren’t connected on the circuit board anyway.


Sorry for the late reply. As you said, you can flash the M8N last firmware on M8T (3.01) to give Galileo support, and this will only break timing functionalities. u-blox has a dedicated M8T firmware with Galileo support, but for some unknown reason it is not yet available publicly.

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Is the firmware version still 2.4 for the M8T or is it sent with a more up-to-date version ?

Moreover, what are the advantages of the 3.01 version of M8T ?

We ship M8T with 2.30 version, which is the latest publicly available firmware for M8T. As said before, M8T can be flashed with M8N Galileo firmware, but it will break some functionalities.

If I understand correctly dpletche’s answer, the broken functionalities don’t affect the behaviour of the M8T you sell. Can you confirm ?

Actually yes they affect timing functions (timestamps on rising/falling edges on the interrupt pin). The other functions like raw data, positioning, etc… are not affected.

in this Document UBLOX the FW 3.01 it’s compatible with the Neo M8T. It’s a fake?

There is no connection to the timing interrupt pin on my board. Only RX/TX, power and ground are connected to headers from the M8T.

Are we talking about the same product?

Answering the other question, the 3.01 M8N firmware works fine on the M8T; raw output is still available via UBX-RXM-RAWX messages as before, along with SFRBX and the like. A ublox engineer endorsed this on the ublox forums as a supported configuration, albeit one that disables the (unusable on this board) timing capability.

The appeal of v3.01 is that it adds support for the Galileo GNSS constellation, which recently announced that it was officially online in a partially operational state. U-blox was holding off on supporting that constellation until they could perform tests following the official grand opening.

Adding more satellites to the pool seems to produce better and more reliable data in my limited experience.

Yes we are talking about the same product. I was talking about the general timing functionality, it is not connected in your board indeed.

You are absolutely right, in a nutshell the more satellites you get, the more chances to calculate a reliable position you have. This is particularly true if you are working in partial sky view scenarios where you are maximizing your chances to have a satellite in direct line-of-sight.