Wifi issue - in switching from Float to Fix


I am using the Tiny RTK with the UAV for precision landing tests.
The communication setup follows 2 methods:

  1. Usage of WiFi router and microhard module.

  2. Usage of microhard alone

  3. The issue is -
    i. Post the surevy in process, it switches to FLoat mode but does not attain the fix mode.
    ii. If I stop the process, it switches to Fix for a sec and then switches back to float again.
    We are developing an app for the client and so we need the router

  4. When the base Microhard is connected to the GCS software via ethernet cable, it switches to the Fix after 2 mins of completing the survey in process and is quite consistent.

My query is

  1. What kind of issue would be arising from the presence of the router.
    2.We thought WiFi delay but when pinged, the delay is <1 ms

Guidance in the matter is highly appreciated.

It looks more like interference to me.

Even a ping of several seconds should not affect significantly the calculation of RTK solution. Are you using patch antennas or external active antennas?


I am using an external patch antenna and my custom software to control the drone.
I get the RTK fix but after a while it fluctuates to float mode and then back to fix mode.
What could be the reason for that ?

Will the GCS settings for u-blox overwrite the settings inside the Tiny RTK chip ?