XL RTK QPS Module compass use

I need help using the Compass on the XL RTK module. I wish to replace my solo 3DR GPS module for my octocopter setup using PX4 firmware. I have the Tiny RTK as a base and it is being read by QGC perfectly. I cannot get the XL RTK to connect as rover. I have wired the connections properly(5V,TX,RX,GND for GPS port and SDA,SCL for I2C port), but the pixhawk does not detect the GPS or compass and will not let me configure it. Am I missing a step? I set up base and rover in U Center and have already soldered the bridge on the Rover (XL RTK).

Update. XL RTK GPS is now recognized by the Pixhawk and receives GPS lock. I still have not figured out how to use the compass on the XL as the primary compass for the pixhawk.

What did you change in order to get the GPS recognised?

After doing compass calibration, in QGC, if you go to Parameters, Sensor calibrations, what do you see for mags?

I cannot get passed compass calibration. When I attempt to do compass calibration in QGC I get an error. This is what it looks like under the “Sensor” tab in QGC

Start the individual calibration steps by clicking one of the buttons to the left.

[cal] calibration started: 2 mag
[cal] Skipped scale calibration, sensor 0
[cal] Skipped scale calibration, sensor 1
[cal] Mag 0 (ID 73225) no matching uORB devid
[cal] calibration failed: mag

I changed the orientation of the RX and TX to get the GPS recognized. Sometimes it will still take a while to receive GPS lock but it is recognized. Still no luck with Magnetometer.