XL Ublox NEO-6M + FlightController V2.0

I would like to use the new XL Ublox NEO-6M GPS with my old FlightController V2.0.
Is this possible? If so what bus connection would you recommend. Serial or I2C bus?
Would I need a I2C-GPS NAV Module if I were to use I2C bus with the V2.0 board?
What is your General recommendation?



Hi Leo,

What flight controller do you use?

MultiWii 2.0 Flight Controller which is no longer on your website.

Unfortunately this FC has only one serial port and you need to use a I2C gps.
Or you can use this module drotek.fr/shop/en/home/335-i … odule.html with a serial GPS.


I just ordered the GPS and the I2C module.

I received the modules yesterday.

Unfortunately the plug of the I2C module does not fit in the socket of the NEO-6M GPS module.

Can you send a request to this mail maxime.soulie@drotek.fr please.


I was told to cut and solder the wires.

What voltage do I have to select/solder on the XL Ublox NOE-6M board when I use it with the MultiWii 2.0 Flight Controller, 3.3V or 5V?

Edit: Nevermind, I figured it out. It’s 5V :slight_smile:

I have come into a problem and need you to check if the setup is indeed correct.

The I2C-GPS NAV Module is stated with 5V but the MultiWii 2.0 Flight Controller on the “I2C” (4 pins) it is stated with 3.3V (which I also can confirm using a voltmeter).

How/where do I connect the I2C-GPS NAV board to the MultiWii 2.0 Flight Controller so it has 5V and SDA/SCL lines?

you can use 5v pin on servo connectors!

In theory I could but the SDA/SCL data lines would still run on 3.3V???

I think you can supply the I2C module with 3.3V directly!

No, it doesn’t work.

If I connect the USB (5Volt) to the GPS module the I2C-GPS NAV module will work correctly (3 blinks for 3D).

If I connect the USB to the flight controller and connect 5V/GND from I2C-GPS NAV module to 5V/GND on the MultiWii 2.0 Flight Controller the I2C-GPS NAV module I will not work (only 1 sec blink)!


Problem is solved. I had the wrong baud rate set on the MultiWii 2.0 Flight Controller (was 115200 but needed to be 57600) :blush:

I’m using “SCL” / “SDA” (3.3V) and 5V from the ADC “5V” / “GND” ports.

ok perfect! Good job. :wink: