XXL RTK not seen by PC


I’m using a XXL RTK as a base, and a Tiny RTK as a base with a radiolink between them.
I did the configuration of the base and the rover, a few month ago and everything was working fine.

Recently, we changed our flying spot (25km from previous spot). On this spot, the RTK system is not working.
The system is still working on the previous spot.

My best guess is that the base is configured with a known location, and so 25km is too far away.
I was able to verify that all the components are working (Tiny RTK, radiolink) except XLL RTK.

Here is the core issue:
The XXL RTK is not seen by the PC, when I plug it in nothing happens.
I tested with several USB cables, no difference.
I can see that the USB alimentation is working (power button light up when I plug the cable).
The LED over telemetry is blinking (1hz, within 5s after power on), the LED over USB is always off.
How can I make the XXL RTK viewed by my PC ?

Thanks in advance.


There may be a hardware problem on the XXL RTK. You can open a ticket here please https://drotek.com/en/contact-drotek/after-sale-service/

Althought this topic is quite old but maybe others have same problem recently.

Normally when we connect XXL to a PC it starts the related USB-Serial driver then the XXL appears like a new serial port (e.g. Com8 or something like that)
I experienced windows10 instals a new driver recently when we plug in XXL and that is a more complicated/complex driver (up to this time I could not figure out how it is working)
So when you connect your XXL in windows’ device manager check if a new serial port appears or not. If appears then hep-hep hurrah that port is your GPS you should use it.
If no new port appears then in device manager find a new device something like “sensor” or something like that.
If you found it you should remove that component from windows. After you done it, under “Ports” a new serial port should appear as earlier it does

Please note if your PC is connected to Internet then Windows auto update will install that “Sensor” driver again soon. You should go into its properties and revert it back to the earlier version (to remain the simple serial port)

Detailed information can find here:

hope this help.


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