Xxl rtk rover connected to regional's gnss network

I would like know if i possible use a xxl gps as rover connected to a gnss network. I have a win 10 tab that i could connect to gps via usb and load rtklib. this configuration could it work? Is there an other software for this? Could I use a different version of rtklib on Android tablet?

I would like buy one XXL RTK GPS and use it connected at GNSS network of Lazio. Is here some people that used this device in Italy? I used for a test one skytraq + RTKlib 2.4.3 and only after a lot of try I obtained some fix. I use MAX mount point and I have changed some others setting. Can someone tell me if is possible use the XXL RTK GPS with succes using our regional GNSS? What precision it obtain? Is possible save the raw data for post processing?

You have to make sure that your service provider sends RTCM 3 corrections. If it does, you can use the XXL RTK GPS to calculate a RTK solution. It is indeed possible to save raw data in the meantime. The precision announced by u-blox is around 5 cm XY, but it will also depend on the quality of the differential corrections provided by your service.