ZED-F9P RTK configuration


I’m facing some problems on the configuration procedure of the ZED-F9P GPS module: more specifically, once I start uploading the Drotek configuration file to the GNSS using the u-center tool by U-Blox, I receive this warning message, see the image:

Can anyone tell me if I can safely continue from this step?

Thank you very much,
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Hello Mateo,

yes you can safely continue from this step. Actually this is because these config files were made using a former F9P device (v1.00).
I will soon update the files to match the latest F9P version so that not error will show up anymore.

Thanks for reporting your issue.

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Do we have the same issue again now, just with 2 newer versions ? I bought the F9P combo around Christmas, looks like the version on the txt file is more recent than the version in the rover and base.
Config files are v1.11 and base is v1.12. Also, in the how-to gitbook “https://drotek.gitbook.io/rtk-f9p-positioning-solutions/how-to-get-started/zed-f9p-rtk-configuration” it doesn’t specify whether the " Sirius RTK GNSS Base (F9P)" and rover are pre-configures properly for Pixhawk work.