ZED-F9P Sirius base question


I am looking for the what is the meaning of off the LED on the Sirius base. Is there any document explaining that? For example, I notice the battery for the base is 3000mAh, how long does it take to charge from empty to full? While charging, one Red LED is on, does it go off when fully charged? Again, I think there should be some documents indicate these but I couldn’t find them.


Another problem is I cannot connect to the base using the U-center: Previously it can connect or the COMx @9600, however, after I configure the UART1&2’s baudrate and Rate-MEAS, I cannot connect to the base anymore through usb. I am not sure what is going here, is there any way to hardware reset the system?


The LEDs on the left side are showing the battery voltage level.

You have to make sure not to leave the UART registers blank otherwise you wont be able to be connected to USB. The only way to reset de base is to get connected through UART1 using a FTDI breakout board and using the proper baudrate (which is the one you set lately). Then you will be able to navigate through the u-center registers agian, then revert back to default configuration using the “gear” icon :

Afterwards you will be able to use USB again.

Hi ,
Please see below our latest update on Sirius RTK F9P base leds indications.


Hi Paul,

Thanks! Problem solved.

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